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the extension has been successfully installed!
The final setting is left and you can start watching videos and learning new words:
Pin the extension to the browser bar
Two clicks and you have quick access to the last words you've looked up and the app settings. And you can move on to watching videos.
Yay, you can watch videos now!
Where to watch

A site that needs no introduction :)

What to do:

  • go to youtube.com, select the video,
  • choose subtitles,
  • choose English if it is not set automatically.

The world's most popular streaming service. Thousands of movies, shows, documentaries, and TV shows for every taste.

What to do:

  • go to netflix.com, select a video,
  • turn on subtitles,
  • If needed, choose English for audio and subtitles.

The most popular learning platform.

What to do:

  • go to coursera.com, select the course, and start watching the first lesson,
  • turn on subtitles and choose English.
TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a famous global non-profit organization that hosts conferences with the aim of spreading worthwhile ideas through short, powerful talks.

What to do:

  • go to ted.com, select a video,
  • turn on subtitles and choose a language.
How to watch
Place the cursor on an unfamiliar word
Everything else will work itself out:
  • the video will stop,
  • we'll show you the translation,
  • the word will be saved in your personal vocabulary.
Move the cursor and playback continues. It's easy :)
Fast rewind and stop/start video
Couldn't catch the word - press the arrow ⬅️ on the keyboard or to the left of the subtitle.

If you need to stop the video manually - press the space bar on your keyboard.
Quickly review the latest looked up words
Click on the IS icon in the browser bar to open/hide the extension window with the most recently or top checked words and settings.
How much is it
  • 10 words to look up daily
  • Limited access to your vocabulary
  • A week to test the Premium plan features
  • No credit card is needed
$0 / mo
  • Specialized dictionaries
  • Subtitles mirroring on a mobile device
  • Advanced statistics, including for teachers
  • Tips for learning based on statistics
from $8 / mo
What else you can do
What it will give you:
  • A personal account with all the words you've checked and their translations and exports,
  • 7 day trial of the Premium plan with unlimited access to all InterSub features,
  • 20 word look-ups per day on the Free plan.
Learn saved words in your favorite mobile app
Several mobile apps are already connected to InterSub to help you to train saved words.

If you use another app, you can always export your words into an Excel file and load them into it.

Spread a word about us and earn bonuses
How it works:
  • A person signs up through your affiliate link,
  • When he pays for a subscription, we give him two additional weeks of access for free, and you get $5 bonuses,
  • You can use the bonuses to pay for your subscription or withdraw them.
A video platform site doesn't open
Try with VPN
If you already have it - you know what to do. If now we recommend you to install some, e.g. ZenMate. It is free with some speed limitations.

If the video lags - watch a couple of seconds with VPN, then pause, disconnect VPN and continue watching.
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